How Y-Sweet Works

How Y-Sweet Works

Y-Sweet is a suite of open-source tools for building realtime collaborative applications. The core purpose of Y-Sweet is to make document editing collaborative.

What is a document?

A document can be anything – a whiteboard, text document, etc.

In the past, documents like whiteboards and text documents, were typically single player – meaning only one person could edit a document at a time. This is because deploying your own websocket servers and writing conflict resolution logic was tedious and time consuming.

Y-Sweet is built to make realtime collaboration painless and efficient.

The Open Source Y-Sweet Server

The open source y-sweet server (opens in a new tab) gives you everything you need for realtime collaboration out of the box:

  • Sync the latest version of a document in realtime across users
  • Resolve conflicts using Yjs (opens in a new tab), the industry-standard for CRDTs (Conflict-free Replication Data Types).
  • Persist documents to S3-compatible storage
  • Control who has access read and write documents

The Cloud

If you were to use the open source y-sweet server alone, you would still have to set up the infrastructure for self hosting it.

Our cloud service allows you use a y-sweet server, no setup needed.

Build collaborative features without managing your own server. Our Javascript SDK allows you creating and access documents. Use our React Hooks to power conflict-free edits to a document.

All you need is a connection string to get started. You can get a connection string from the y-sweet dashboard (opens in a new tab) and go through the quickstart to get an example app up and running.

Next Steps

y-sweet was created by Jamsocket.