Realtime in no time.
Make realtime, collaborative apps without choosing between speed and control.
Open source and MIT Licensed.
Say goodbye to lock in.
Storage on your terms.
Every document is automatically persisted. You can link your own S3-compatible storage, or just let us take care of the details.
Presence and multiplayer.
Multiple clients can connect for multiplayer editing. Add presence features like live cursors and live avatars using our presence hooks.
Open source.
Y-Sweet is built on top of Yjs, the leading open-source CRDT implementation.
Get up and running in minutes on our global edge. Pay only for usage with a generous free tier.
NextJS Ready
Deploy a collaborative editor in minutes with our Typescript SDK and client-side React hooks.
Install y-sweet

    npm install @y-sweet/react
    npm install @y-sweet/sdk
Create a shared document

    import { YDocProvider } from '@y-sweet/react'
    import { getOrCreateDocAndToken } from '@y-sweet/sdk'

    export default async function MyServerComponent() {
        const clientToken = await
          getOrCreateDocAndToken(YOUR_CONNECTION_STRING, docId)

        return (
                <MyCollaborativeEditor />
Sync document when users edit

    import { useMap } from '@y-sweet/react'

    const items = useMap('colorgrid')

    items.set(key, color)
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Build collaborative apps of all kinds
Check out our demos, ranging from to-do lists to voxel editors.
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Voxel Editor
Build cool voxel worlds collaboratively.
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Text Editor with Quill
A collaborative text editor built on top of the open source Quill package.
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To Do List
Create and edit items in a collaborative to do list.
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Code Editor with CodeMirror
A collaborative code editor built on top of CodeMirror.
Realtime collaboration starts now.
Up to 5k active hours
Cumulative active backend time
Unlimited collaborating users
Unlimited documents
Hosted websocket backend
Save to your own S3 bucket
Community and email support
$10 / 1k active hours
1k active hours included
Then $10 for each additional 1k hours
Unlimited collaborating users
Unlimited documents
Hosted websocket backend
Save to your own S3 bucket
1:1 Slack channel with our team